Restaurants Restore.

The word “restaurant” comes from the French word “restaurer” – to renew or to restore. 

According to Merriam-Webster the origin story, first published in 1853, is about a man named Boulanger in Paris in 1765. He made soups and restorative broths (“bouillons restaurants”). He put his establishment on a busy road leading into Paris, with a sign in the window for travelers that said, to paraphrase: “Come in, and my food will restore you.”

It is the perfect description of how those of us in the food service profession feel about our place in your life. We are here to restore you, the traveler, from the journeys and challenges of your day, morning, noon, or night. 

Restaurant people love to serve. Service is our way of life. It is what we do and it is who we are. We provide a place for you to take a moment that belongs to you, to restore and refresh yourself.  It is a pleasure to serve you, both physiologically and emotionally, with great food, a friendly smile, and a comfortable place to enjoy your meal.

As the restoration of neighborhoods in every town slowly begins, we will be here for you. As it becomes time to reopen, restaurants will help lead the way. We will be ready to do our part to restore the community, to serve our neighbors, our friends old and new. 

We look forward to greeting you again. We look forward to opening our doors again.